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Álvaro Reynolds

Álvaro has worked for and contributed to a number of media organisations during his career, including the Irish Mail on Sunday, the Irish Daily Mail, RTÉ, the Irish State broadcaster, current affairs magazine Magill and www.lavanguardia.com. He has specialised in travel and property writing but is also a keen reviewer and interviewer. Originally from Dublin, he lives in Mallorcawith his wife and son.

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The Bestselling Contemporary Artists

There are almost as many ways to measure what artists are selling for the highest bids at auction as there are art movements – so who are the world’s bestselling living contemporary artists?

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Top 10 Sightseeing Vacations

Travel guides, television and the Internet have taken the edge and, in too many cases, the wow factor out of vacations. But some locations and holiday experiences are so stunning and out of this world that nothing can prepare you for them. Text by Álvaro Reynolds.

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Ten Luxury Trends for Summer

This summer offers an array of exclusive activities such as opera on the lake, the Olympic regatta or a culinary escape, to name but three. We’ve compiled a list of ten luxury trends to indulge in over the coming months.