Launch of Suite 67 at Belmond La Residenciade

Matthew Williamson's dreamy reinvention of Mallorcan's famous hotel

“Matt, made it like home,” gushes Sadie Frost, “if home were heaven”.

We are at the opening of Suite 67, Mathew Williamson´s new interior  revamp  of an old casita at Deia´s eponymous hotel, La Belmond Residencia.

The British designer is famous for being the essence of english eccentricity, known for flamboyant ethnic prints and colourful pattern. His lavish style interiors are the antithesis of the classical Mallorcan hotel. The suite is located through a rambling maze of halls, tastefully traditional. You know you are in Suite 67, when the floor changes to bright moroccan tiles and a pretty portico leads you to a dreamy pale blue explosion of peacock feathers, animal prints and chinoisery. Classic Williamson gone native; softer and more pensive, even reflective. Cool girls from London Fiona Leahy and Sadie Frost were the hosts with the most, indeed it feels like a housewarming rather than a hotel.

Photos by Jonatan Barzola