Rendezvous Yacht & Home Store in Puerto Portals

A bespoke lifestyle store in Puerto Portals in harmony with life in the Mediterranean

Rendezvous Yacht & Home Puerto PortalsPuerto Portals is now home to a lifestyle store that is dedicated to those that spend a lot of time in the marina, from boat owners and guests to tourists and residents. Under one roof, customers can find the perfect outfit, things to enjoy the beach or the pool and items to decorate their yacht, villa or apartment.

All of the items and clothing at Rendezvous Yacht & Home have been gathered and selected by the owners, Kristine and Alain, in perfect harmony with the Mediterranean way of life and make perfect gifts or souvenirs.

Both owners of the shop find brands that tell a story and have a reputation for being well-made with exceptional craftsmanship and workmanship.

Rendezvous Yacht & Home is a bespoke 100 square metre boutique that has been designed with the customers’ needs at heart – a shop that makes everyone instantly relaxed when they walk in. Minimalist-chic décor, neutral colours and a warm welcome makes shopping here feel like a holiday every time.

At this shop, customers will find whatever it is they need and, perhaps more importantly, indulge in something that they really want.

Address details

Rendezvous Yacht & Home Puerto Portals

Rendezvous Yacht & Home

Local 82-83, Puerto Portals

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