What to know about moving to Mallorca post-Brexit

Cathal Rochford explains what British residents can expect moving to the Balearics post-Brexit

Join Dr Helen Cummins in an interview with Cathal Rochford from Blevins Franks to talk about the impact of Brexit in Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands. British residents thinking of moving to Spain who are unsure of their taxes or positioning of wealth should speak to Blevins Franks who specialise in wealth management in Spain and across Europe.

0:30 A life post-Brexit
1:39 British residents in Mallorca
2:43 The problems that British people face
4:35 How Blevins Franks help
5:15 Reassurance
6:30 Working and living remotely
7:18 Building a future here
8:05 The hoops to jump through

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