Meet the people who’ve recently moved to Mallorca

Six residents reflect on how they feel after moving to Mallorca from abroad

Agusta, from Chile

“Right now I live in Deiá and I’ve been living here for a month and a half or so. This place is paradise. I am surrounded by nature, wonderful people and above all, peace. Every morning I open my eyes, look out the window and say ‘thank you life!’. I came to Mallorca without planning it and felt completely captivated when I arrived. I remember asking myself “Do I stay or do I go back?” and in the end, I looked deep inside my heart and knew I had to stay. A dream job came up at Viti Vinci and now I develop and formulate natural cosmetics. For me, the possibility of working with plants, living in nature, while being able to access the city and mountains in one day, seems impossible to imagine anywhere else but here in Mallorca.”

Agusta moved to Mallorca in 2020 and is Cosmetologist at Viti Vinci and the Owner of Ruda Holistica


Roberto, from Italy

“I’ve always enjoyed living in big cities like Milan, Rotterdam and Barcelona but when I arrived in Mallorca eight years ago something just clicked. My connection with the island went deeper than expected and it was like it spoke to my soul. It gave me the creative kick I needed to build Paparkone and start my own design and pottery brand. I know I am a lucky man to be living here, especially to be surrounded by such creative people. I have a great place on Calle Sant Feliu where I show my works as well as another place in Palma where I work and teach pottery. I know I’m home because I can walk around the city and still smell the sea. For an Italian, I think the sea matters more than anything.”

Roberto moved to Mallorca in 2014 and is the Architect and Designer at Paparkone

Agata, from Poland

“If you had asked me 13 years ago where I would be, I would never have said Mallorca. I came to the island for the first time in 2012 to spend the summer here and work in hospitality. Over a decade later, I am still here and feel very privileged to call Mallorca my home. Beautiful beaches, mountains, nature, over 300 days of sunshine a year and international vibes are what I love. About five years ago, my friend Greg and I decided to make Mallorca famous not only for its beaches but coffee too. We opened our first Speciality Coffee Roastery in Palma and love sharing our passion for coffee in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Mallorca, thank you for choosing me!”

Agata moved to Mallorca in 2012 and is the Owner of Mistral Coffee – Speciality Coffee Roastery


Jens, from Germany

“Mallorca is home because of my family. Eleven years ago, my twins were born and I remember the first time I played with them and my daughter on the beach and feeling so happy – I knew at that moment that this was something I was going to be able to do every day. I opened my own restaurant here in 2020 and it’s been a family experience from day one. We have our own herb garden and I’m
thankful that my children are able to see how easy it is to turn local produce into a delicious meal. I love watching them grow up around so many nationalities as well – it’s a real gift for them to be able to learn so many languages without travelling far.”

Jens moved to Mallorca in 2008 and Chef and Owner at Adelfas by Jens

Amy, from England

“I first came to Mallorca in 2017 on a cycling trip and quickly fell in love with the blue skies and beautiful nature. City life and climbing the corporate career ladder was no longer serving me and Mallorca felt like the perfect antidote. I moved to Alaró in 2020 and it’s been everything I hoped for. My life here is less materialistic, quieter and slower paced. It feels easier to live an unconventional life here than it would have been in London. My goal moving here was to live a life that I didn’t need a holiday from. I know everyone says it but the island really is a paradise for
cyclists. I love Cap Formentor – it takes my breath away every time.”

Amy moved to Mallorca in 2020, Founder of Leon Salvaje – Cycling Coach and Guide


Sandra, from Uruguay

“I arrived in Mallorca in March 2005 and continue to fall in love with this island every day. The diversity on the island is huge: from Palma to the picturesque coastal and mountain villages. Everything here just has that amazing Mediterranean taste and aroma. I really can’t imagine living anywhere else. I wake up and choose to live in Mallorca every day, not only because my family lives here, but because I feel Mallorcan (by adoption). I opened my own business, Medina Architecture Studio, in 2018 and since then I feel blessed that I can share my vision with others, who like me, have decided to call Mallorca their home.”

Sandra moved to Mallorca in 2005 and Owner of Medina Architecture Studio

Photos by Sara Savage