Coachella Chic inspires Summer fashion 2017

The season sets off in sophisticated festival style

 In Fashion

Summer outfit inspiration comes courtesy of the world’s hottest music festival. Reference Palm Springs style with a look that says luxury boho, and preppy perfection. Sophistication rules over sparkles…

Photographer: Matus Toth

Model: Maria Makatova from MY Model Agency

Stylist: Helen Cummins

Hair: Marty Tyl

Make up: Katerina Brans using Laura Mercier/STARSKIN/Faby

Video: Estefanía Durán 


Twin-Set, Palma
Rialto Living, Palma
Kidama Boutique, Palma & Puerto Portals
Farinelli, Palma
Exclusive Portals, Palma & Puerto Portals

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