Indian Summer Fashion Shoot

The vacation issue

What better way to get into the Vacation mood of our August issue than to enjoy an exclusive peak behind the scenes of our “Indian Summer” fashionshoot. The divine fashionshoot was inspired by an Indian Summer and the exquisite Chanel Paris – Bombay Collection. So be prepared to travel far away with us and enjoy the mystique and seductiveness of Indian style at its best.

The team was at the set by 6 o’clock in the morning to get the most out of the day at the gorgeous location at the Purobeach Palma Beach Club. Our Model Yamila Morales was flown in from Barcelona the night before. Despite the journey she did a fantastic job together with the talented photographer Gábor Márton, Make-up artist Jenn Jane and last but not least the skilled stylist Helen Cummins. José, who can be seen together with our model, not only gave the pictures a special authenticity but also runs a stand at the Purobeach Palma selling Indian style trinkets.

We present you with an elegant array of decorated tunics, flowing saris, seductive bikinis, harem trousers and wrap around dresses. Vivid coloured silks embellished with rich embroidery as well as luxurious accessories, chiffons and belts formed a delicious Western take on Indian fashion, perfect for exploring Mallorca in style. The beautiful colours are really a treat to the eye and almost appeared as Fata Morganas against the backdrop of Mediteranen Landscape.

If you like this style then a trip to the shops Little India and Exclusive are a must, both located in the old town of Palma.