Why are Majorcan Pearls special?

The durable pearls used in the Almond Blossom Collection

Pearls have been around for centuries. They aren’t back in fashion – they have never left. Marlene Dietrich, Yvonne D’Arle, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren were the ambassadors of the irrefutable glamour of pearls in the good old days and, today, pearls still remain an icon of exquisite style. Nothing is easier than falling in love with pearls.

Mallorcan pearls are famous worldwide, but what makes them so special?

Majorcan pearls are produced by a polymerisation process. To start with, a tiny artificial core, consisting of white opaque glass, crystal or a seashell is fastened onto a special support. This nucleus is then immersed into a mother-of-pearl mixture, taken out, dried, and immersed again up to 40 times.

Finally, the pearl is polished and covered with a special varnish; the surface is smooth and has a harder and therefore more robust surface than natural pearls – making them difficult to damage. There are seven companies offering pearls on the island. And there are just a few that continue to produce here on the island, sadly most of the pearls now are mass produced in China.

The Almond Blossom Collection by Helen Cummins is 100% handmade on Mallorca, using the traditional handcrafted methods for every fabulous piece. You can find a divine selection of necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings and bracelets, combining new trends with the world famous Mallorcan heritage. This is what pearls are all about: classic elegance for the modern women.

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