Travel in Style

The stunning 'making of' fashion shoot in Soller

The Travel in Style photo-shoot took place in the beautiful town of Sóller, surrounded by the charming Mallorcan countryside. abcMallorca’s very own Julia Serra was the model in the shoot and effortlessly helped portray the romantic feel of the island. Sóller is know as the Valley of Gold due to its exquisite natural beauty, which really helped bring this fantastic photo shoot to life.

The photo-shoot gave a chance to showcase the new, unique Almond Blossom collection by Helen Cummins. As we can see in the “making of” video, the collection is made up of fabulous rings, pearl necklaces, brooches, luxury leather hand bags and much more. The Almond Blossom collection inspiration has come directly from the almond blossom of Mallorca. Each product has been intricately designed to not only reflect the exquisite beauty of Mallorca, but also to incorporate local producers, something that is at the heart of this collection.

The deluxe, hand-crafted products are at home in this video. They represent just what to travel in style really means. They encapsulate not only the amorous feeling of Sóller and Mallorca as a whole but also classic and timeless elegance. The delicate designs are based around the idea of combinations. Brooches cannot only be worn on the lapel of a blazer, but also bring together strings of pearls or as the centrepiece on one of the luxurious handbags. The Mallorcan pearls are also interchangeable creating several bracelets or a stunning pearl string bag strap.

The photo-shoots are always one of the most diverse and interesting areas of abcMallorca and this shoot in Sóller has been no different. The consolidation of beauty, fashion and the Mediterranean gives a truly unique outcome. What is more, the enjoyment of this amalgamation can be cherished and adored forever through the Almond Blossom collection.

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