Trisha De Borchgrave presents “In remembrance of food”

New exhibition on our need for nature launches at Rialto Living

Trisha de Borchgrave‘s exhibition ‘In Remembrance of Food’ has just launched at Rialto Living. The paintings aren’t traditional still-lives but are full of motion, pushed and shoved by our humanity and threatening to leave the picture all together. The exhibition explores our need for nature, and how it in turn, doesn’t owe us anything.

De Borchgrave is an American who was born in Paris, grew up in Mallorca and was educated in England. An artist since the 90’s, she also writes on policy, politics and lifestyle at the HuffPost, Arab News, The Big Smoke, Australia, and Al Arabiya English, and her articles have appeared in ABC, Spain, UPI and The World Today, Chatham House.

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Rialto Living

Carrer de Sant Feliu, 3