Top German Christmas Markets

Hand crafted toys, delicious marzipan, a flying santa and lots more


This market takes place on the Römerberg and spreads out further into the adjoining streets, with a total of 200 stands offering you endless traditional Christmas food and German specialities as well as home-made seasonal trinkets. One of the most picturesque, the Frankfurt Christmas market is picture perfect down to the romantic antique horse carousel placed at its centre and the large nativity scene. The market is open from November 26th until December 23rd.


The Berlin Christmas market is like the city itself, very contemporary, and takes place in the streets around the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. This is a smaller market with about 100 stalls selling the usual decorations and foods that reflect the city’s artistic flair, selling both antique and modern jewellery. The market takes place from November 26th until January 1st.


The Christmas market in Essen is very international and brings together culinary specialities from all over the world. The market stretches from Kennedy Square to Willy Brandt Square, with a large Ferris wheel in the middle of the sea of twinkling Christmas lights. African sculptures, Russian crafts and American Christmas gifts also offer something different. This international market takes place from November 22nd until December 23rd.


The Christmas market in the Bavarian capital of Munich takes place on the Marienplatz in the old city centre, and is one of the best known throughout Germany. One of the highlights is the 30-metre tall Christmas tree in front of the town hall that is donated to the city by a different town each year. A tradition that has become so popular that there is now a waiting list. The market is open from the first Sunday of Advent until Christmas Eve.


While you are visiting the oldest Christmas market in Germany, you should pick up some Dresden Christmas stollen fruitcake that this region is very famous for. Here you can also watch glass being blown and buy home-made candles as well as traditional wooden toys and pottery. The wooden pyramid with life-size figurines is also a highlight. The market is open from November 30th until noon on Christmas Eve.


The Cologne Christmas market attracts the most visitors each year in Germany. The market takes place at the foot of the city’s stunning Gothic landmark, the Cologne Dom, right on the Roncalli square. Apart from the traditional Christmas market programme, Cologne also offers live performances by different international artists, and Thai food. The market is open from November 26th until December 23rd.


This beautiful market takes place from November 23rd until December 23rd, in the historic surroundings of the town hall square. Many inviting stands offer you the Christmas classics. One of the highlights is the flying Santa that floats by in his sleigh above the heads of the visitors every few hours, very much pleasing the little ones. There is also a Christmas parade on the fourth Advent Saturday.


The Nurnberg Christmas market takes place in the cobbled square in front of the Frauenkirche, where 200 stands offer you everything including the Nurnberg speciality Rostbratwurst. Every two years a new Christ child is selected to promote the Christmas festivities in the weeks leading up to the opening of this traditional market. At night live jazz bands play below the Christmas light-decorated square. The Nurnberg market takes place from November 30th until December 24th.


For centuries this city has been famous for its marzipan and the annual Christmas market offers all kinds of marzipan creations such as marzipan cappuccino and marzipan-filled baked apples. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a spectacular backdrop for the festive market that takes place from November 26th until December 30th.


The idyllic north Friesian Christmas market in the small town of Husum, is just as charming as the colourful houses lining its coast. The attractions include musical performances, from jazz and ballads to a gospel choir, taking place under the huge festive Advent wreath, suspended above the stalls. The market takes place from November 21st until December 27th, and is linked to the German writer Theodor Storm who was born in Husum and whose favourite season was Christmas.