THE EAZEY, Mediterranean Interiors

This creative couple restores old stone houses in the most authentic villages of Mallorca with deep sensitivity and a lot of soul.

The Eazey furniture store in Porreres

THE EAZEY’s artistic and aesthetic approach is easily recognisable. Their coherent and seductive language fascinates both the eye and the heart. The harmonious compositions of the interior furnishings touch the soul and invite you to sit down, have a glass of wine and read a good book in peace and quiet. Wood, glass, wicker and ceramics are some of the materials that embellish the houses they build themselves, as their offer is cross-disciplinary: they build houses, create atmospheres and now they are opening a new showroom with part of their decoration range in Porreres.

“We help our clients make their dream ‘southern home’ a reality. We find authentic old stone houses, mostly ruins, renovate them, design the sunny patios with swimming pool and decorate the houses with our furniture. THE EAZEY Lifestyle – our customers love it”, laughs Rainer, who runs THE EAZEY together with Smiljana, and now they want to bring together projects, interior design and furniture in their new shop in Porreres. The common thread of their conversation is “trust”. For Smiljana and Rainer, trust is fundamental, as the customer relies on their sensitivity, choice of location and how they interpret the houses in dialogue with their surroundings. In this case, with the Mediterranean.

Authentic Mallorca

Clay pots, wicker baskets and rugs, amphoras, transparent lamps and antique wooden tables and dressers are some of the elements that are a common denominator in their homes. The atmosphere feels light, moving away from the baroque, as if each object had its purpose, its raison d’être. Undoubtedly, their experience in the world of fashion has helped them to refine their taste. “It’s important to work on the relationship with the clients, so that there is harmony, and they believe in our way of doing things and trust us,” she adds.

The Mallorcan countryside is the inspiration and the mirror in which they reflect. Porreres is the place where they live and where their exhibition space is located, a village in the original, rural Mallorca. It’s not a trendy village, nor is it crowded with tourists or souvenir shops. It’s authentic, the way people lived in Mallorca 25 years ago, with a rhythm far removed from the stress of the city, with long, cosy conversations after lunch, old people drinking coffee on the terrace and children running around on the streets. The neighbourhood is surrounded by nature, grain fields and sheep grazing peacefully. Pure Mediterranean essence.

Text by Miguel Angel Vicente de Vera | Photos by Sara Savage

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Porreres, Seria Ronda de Porrera 7