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2monos 6 copia 1 740x560 - Living 'slow design'

Living ‘slow design’

A new movement making an impact is Slow Design, inspired by the Slow Food- and Slow City-movements – it is more than a choice, it’s a way of life.

jay1251 370x280 - Creating gardens of desire

Creating gardens of desire

Award-winning international garden designer Stephen Woodhams has planted gardens for the rich and famous in the Med. His new book illustrates the results.

matthew willamson 1 370x280 - Matthew Williamson moves to Mallorca

Matthew Williamson moves to Mallorca

The British designer and favourite of influential It-girls like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller talks about his move to Deià and finding new inspiration.

ambassador nordic line 370x280 - Get the summer look

Get the summer look

Summer means cool vibes, accents of jewel-bright colours and natural materials. Create outdoor spaces and interiors as refreshing as the Mediterranean.

drew aaron red gallery 04 370x280 - The art of investing

The art of investing

Investing in art is an art in itself and it’s well-worth getting advice before you get started. Two experts in the field shared their advice with us.

marga rotger 01 370x280 - Meet interior designer, Marga Rotger

Meet interior designer, Marga Rotger

Her name is mentioned more and more frequently in the furnishing world: Marga Rotger from Inca designs outstanding restaurants like La Parada in Palma.

gallery red 02 370x280 - Gallery Red Palma

Gallery Red Palma

Mallorca’s Art Scene is about to be enriched by the arrival of Gallery Red; an entirely new concept gallery and design centre in Palma.

Dining Area068s 370x280 - Add a touch of art to your home

Add a touch of art to your home

Art in your home – find out how to decorate your home using key art pieces to create your decorating concept and artistic theme. Be inspired!