Seahouse Mediterranean Luxury

Terraza Balear and Minotti welcome guests to celebrate a new state-of-the-art villa

Guests were introduced to the spectacular Seahouse Mediterranean Luxury by Terraza Balear and Minotti in Andratx, a highly anticipated event in this year’s design calender. Guest designer Christophe Delcourt and co-CEO Renato Minotti kicked off the evening at Minotti Talks where they discussed their design ideas in detail.

The doors opened and guests were able to peruse the seahouse villa which showcases some of Minotti’s finest work – focusing on minimalist and detail-orientated design.

As the sun set, live music created a wonderful ambience where guests talked over the villa’s impressive features. The catering provided a wonderful fusion cuisine which suited the sophisticated tone of the event.

Photos by Sara Savage

Address details


Carrer Sirviola 10, Andratx