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As we approach Living Blue Mallorca in Santa Maria del Cami, a distinct warmth sets over us. “Wherever you feel at home, you are at home” is set in wooden letters to the side of the entrance. The Dalai Lama in real estate? It doesn’t seem like the right mix, until Managing Director of the agency Mandy Fletling steps out to greet us. “Welcome” she says, leading us in to a relaxed space, where handwoven mandalas hang from the walls. Used as a symbol for inner peace, protection and unity, Mandy explains that the mandalas are woven into the company ethos. “Our work is not just finding you a property, but creating a lifestyle. Our roots run deep here, we care about how you feel living in Mallorca, it’s important.”

Before founding Living Blue Mallorca with husband Claudio Martínez in 2012, Mandy worked as an office manager at an international real estate agency in Mallorca, before studying yoga and meditation in Mexico. This served as the basis for her philosophy at work, which she says is grounded in “the law of attraction” and making positive connections on Mallorca. One of the ways she achieves this is by selecting her team very carefully, only taking on-board people who bring “positivity and empathy” to the office. As a result, her team all have families who enjoy nature, shop locally and eat healthily. “We have a sensitivity to what our clients want, which is to feel that special feeling of Mallorca.”

Specialising in Tramuntana property hotspots like Alaró, Santa Maria del Cami and Port de Sóller, Mandy is proud to welcome buyers to what she calls “Mallorca at its most authentic.” As part of the Living Blue Mallorca service, Mandy says that taking clients out to lunch, advising on schools and local business is all part of the package. Nearly all her clients develop a close relationship with Living Blue Mallorca, many of which she says, turn into lasting friendships. “It comes down to my team and clients sharing the same interests and lifestyle choices.” She sits back and smiles, telling us that clients will even trust Living Blue Mallorca with their post. “I think we’re also known as the Correos in Santa Maria” she says, not being able to contain a laugh.

It is this passion to connect with people on Mallorca that has contributed to Living Blue Mallorca’s eighth successful year. A big celebration, Mandy says, given that the number eight is “the infinity symbol.” Her hope is that the success continues, which listening to the way she cares for her clients, is beyond contemplation.

Photos by Sara Savage

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