Pinterest: A Place to Store your Dreams

Social media which inspires

I have just signed-up on PINTEREST and it is like a whole new world of inspiration opened its door.  Wow check this out for example – this girl is doing some serious work on pinning the most desirable fashion – the style is jumping off my screen. Amazing!

So people have been asking me what is this site called Pinterest all about – here is a brief introduction.

Pinterest was launched less than 2 years ago and has become the fastest growing website ever with reportedly 17 million visitors per month. The site allows you to construct your own board with images that you find while surfing the internet that you like.  You need to request an invitation to join the site and once you receive that you can register. You will then download an icon which allows you to PIN images to your board on a particular topic.

For example this is one I particularly like it is full of inspiration about beautiful couture designs which are to die for!

Hold on to your dreams …..

I intend using Pinterest to compose mood boards for our upcoming photo shoots and then you can tell me when we publish the fashion shoot if we did a good job!

Having dreams and desires is what makes life interesting and this is a great place to store those dreams so you don’t forget what it is all about.

Be inspired – join today and let me know what you are PINNING!