’I never remember my dreams’ at Rialto Living

Artist Peter Åström experiments with colour and expression in newest collection

On 17th October, Swedish-American artist Peter Åström presented his new art exhibition ‘I never remember my dreams’ at Rialto Living.

Peter has lived and worked in New York City for more than forty years, but uses Manhattan and the Isle of Gotland in Sweden as his fundamental sources of inspiration. In this collection at Rialto Living, Peter presents a variety of paintings from different periods in his career. His art is largely focused on exploring the sense of playfulness and spontaneity which guests at the event enjoyed viewing. He regularly experiments with different materials and is never afraid to introduce new expressions and styles. The common result of his work is a merging of contemporary American art and the European tradition of Modern Art.

Rialto Living were pleased to have another artist present their work, as they continue to support and collaborate with Mallorca’s thriving art scene.

Photos by Sara Savage

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Rialto Living

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