Pacha Pre-Opening Party

The world-famous club attracts Mallorca's VIPs

This Summer sees the return of Pacha to the prime time night life of Mallorca. Pacha held its pre-public opening party on the 13th of June allowing those lucky enough to be invited, a chance to witness the new Pacha experience in Mallorca before any one else. The event showed the different and new dimensions that Pacha has to offer the people of Mallorca this Summer.

Pacha’s mixture of different music styles means that there is something for everyone within the Pacha world created. The opening event gave the guests a chance to experiment with the different levels of entertainment Pacha is preparing for Mallorca, and the islands very own VIP of the society scene,  Esteban Mercer, was in attendance to witness the splendor.

Pacha’s logo, the “two cherries” are not just a logo but instead they represent a hip styled, free spirited Mediterranean lifestyle as well as being constant reminders of the inimitable, glamorous and hedonistic nights they create. Pacha Mallorca’s doors open to the public tonight, Friday 14th of June, and it is sure to represent the start to an unforgettable summer!


Pacha Mallorca

Paseo Marítimo 42

07014 Palma de Mallorca