Creating climate conscious homes with Mi Cometa

A young Spanish architecture couple presents a modern view on creating a new home

Mi CometaFounders Raquel Vicente and Eduardo Milagro are a married couple from La Rioja, Spain. Since 2020, the two Spaniards have been running their architecture studio “Mi Cometa” in Palma. Here, they have found a place to live out their modern understanding of architecture.

They chose Mallorca as a home base because here they can unleash their full creativity. The properties that their clients want allow for all shapes, colours and furnishings.

What sets them apart from other architecture studios on the island is a fresh, new approach and view of the world from a young, tech-savvy and climate-conscious generation. The two are bursting with ideas and turn architecture into a tangible experience for their customers using several ideas to make creating your dream home a real experience. Mi Cometa offers an innovative solution: an immersive virtual reality experience for their clients. This experience gives them an in-depth understanding of their project, reducing errors and ensuring that the vision is accurately and successfully realised.

The young and dynamic studio conceives architecture as an artistic expression. They seek to translate this vision into bold designs that fuse innovation and quality, meeting 21st-century standards and technologies. Each project is an opportunity to challenge conventions and create spaces that inspire, surprise and function seamlessly in the contemporary world.

How Mi Cometa can help you

Architectural Design

In Mi Cometa’s designs, collaboration with clients is paramount. They work closely with them to understand their vision and needs, fusing their creativity and experience to create unique and functional buildings. Each project is an opportunity to capture the identity and values of those who will inhabit it, resulting in designs that transcend convention and fit seamlessly into their environment and context.

Passive House

As a studio committed to the fight against climate change, they recognise the importance of high-quality, energy-efficient buildings. To this end, they carefully design passive climate strategies that maximise the comfort of users in a natural way, and they use materials that allow them to reduce the ecological footprint of their projects, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.

Virtual Reality

One of the keys to the success of any project is the full understanding of the proposed design. They have therefore implemented virtual reality technologies to create an immersive experience of their projects. This allows clients to visualise and experience projects long before construction begins, preventing costly surprises and ensuring client satisfaction by eliminating possible design interpretation errors.

Interior Design

Interior design is a fundamental part of Mi Cometa’s projects, allowing them to define each space with precision. From the selection of materials to the arrangement of furniture, it allows them to create spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional and welcoming. This meticulous attention to detail elevates the quality and cohesion of their designs, ensuring that each environment reflects the vision and needs of their clients in a holistic manner.

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Eduardo studied in San Sebastian and specialises in the development of passive houses. Raquel studied architecture in London and also specialises in interior design. They have more than ten years of experience in the sector. Although based in Mallorca only since 2020, Mi Cometa was recently named one of the Top Ten Architecture Studios in Mallorca.

What Mi Cometa's clients say...

  • “Very happy with the project I have developed with Mi Cometa. The enthusiasm and professionalism of Eduardo and Raquel has made me trust them a lot. Thank you for everything.” – Jasmin W.
  • “From the beginning, the innovative approach and commitment to excellence were evident. Raquel and Eduardo have shown exceptional passion and dedication. Plus, every time I visited the studio they surprised me. Thank you for making this process so easy and special.” – Yolanda M.
  • “We put ourselves in their hands to do a complete renovation of a house, and the result could not have been better. Close, friendly and professional. They found solutions for all the problems that arose. Thank you Raquel and Eduardo for your work!” – David M.
  • “These architects know their craft. The virtual plan of a new “refugium concept” was not just implemented, but inspiring and valuable background information about the property was enthusiastically introduced and brought the project to a new and special level.”  – Ray O.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project management like in the studio?

From the outset of the project, the management focuses on ensuring economic viability and financial efficiency. During the design phase, they carry out detailed investment studies so that their clients fully understand the economic scope of each decision. In the constructor selection phase, Mi Cometa works closely with clients to negotiate with contractors and optimise the construction budget, identifying and rectifying any disproportionately priced items. During the construction phase, they maintain rigorous oversight of every certification and expenditure to ensure that they are within the initial budget. This holistic approach to project management allows them to control costs at every stage of the process, ensuring efficient and economical execution that meets the client’s expectations and financial needs.

What is the relationship between architecture and well-being?

Architecture and well-being are intrinsically linked. Careful design considers functionality, quality of air and light, connection to nature, accessibility, sensory stimulation and promotion of physical activity. These aspects influence comfort, health and satisfaction of occupants, also impacting their quality of life. Well-designed spaces can promote tranquillity, social interaction, productivity and happiness. In short, architectural design not only creates a physical environment, but shapes experiences that can enrich and enhance people’s lives.

How much does it cost to build a house?

If you are thinking of investing in or building your own home, you should not look exclusively at construction costs when analysing your investment. The price of building a house fluctuates depending on several factors such as location, size, materials and design. On average, the cost per square metre can be between 2,000 and 3,000 euros or more depending on these factors and the quality of materials and custom features. In addition to the construction cost, other expenses such as professional fees (architect, surveyor, etc.), municipal taxes, value-added tax (VAT), insurance and notary fees must be considered. These additional expenses generally represent between 25 and 30 percent of the total investment.


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