Meridiano Furniture and Decoration

Where quality and customer service come before everything

After nearly 20-years in business, one thing that is constantly repeated about Meridiano Furniture and Decoration store, is that they are reliable— and they have earned their excellent reputation for their professional approach to both private and commercial clients. The company was taken over by Danish businessman, Christian Sand, a few years back, and this has only served to heighten the company’s status. Sand has a passion for the furniture industry. Constantly on the go, keeping up with the latest styles and the brand’s supply chain he ensures that there is the highest level of quality in every step of production. When listening to Sand talk about his business, his dedication to quality and his positive approach is clear. “Life is too short to waste time not doing what you love,” he says. “And that translates to what we buy and surround ourselves with as well.”

Specialised in indoor and outdoor furniture, Meridiano, located in Campos, has managed to stay consistent and on-trend over the years, providing clients with an in-depth range of products that withstand the test of time. Added to that are personalised consultations, with honest feedback and suggestions to ensure that what customers buy will not only fit their space, but stay fresh and beautiful for years to come. As Meridiano likes to say, “taste is personal, quality is hot!”

Over the years Meridiano has collaborated with some of the leading brands and select suppliers in the furniture industry, gaining insight into this niche market and developing new ideas of their own. In 2018, they will “spice it up,” as they say, and launch a new in-house brand called, Prerana, that will focus on furniture and accessories for both the contract and home market. With this endeavour, their experience and emphasis on quality will come through in a more personal way and will surely be a welcome addition to the market.

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Meridiano Muebles y Decoración

Carretera de Palma a Campos, km 36, Campos