A luxury villa reform in the southwest of Mallorca

For Neo Form luxury is a rich fusion of elements which is evident when stepping inside Project Morisca

Neo Form Interior Design

Taking on a traditional southwest villa, the Palma-based company has played a masterful hand. Magic ingredients of light, simplicity and cultivation of wellbeing combine to elevate the once-faded décor to new heights. The finished result is sleek and minimal – futuristic in parts – yet entirely restful and inviting.


Some 20 years on from its original development, this second-home getaway was crying out for love. The setting for countless wonderful stays and treasured memories, its owners felt the time was right to turn their regular house into something spectacular. With this ambitious vision handed to them, the Neo Form team developed a trusting relationship with the client, cooperating throughout. And as the process unfolded free of stress, the interior look followed suit. Calming neutrals, sophisticated, dreamily comfortable furnishings and delightful details make for a space you just can’t help but melt into. The villa’s flawless surfaces and warm-toned walls were carefully picked by the owners, bringing a harmonious and uncluttered feel to the place they plan to spend ample time in, for years to come.


Alongside beautiful simplicity and harmony comes light. Knowing that this principal element makes or breaks a home, architectural lighting maestro Apure and their team designed the perfect illumination to achieve something extra special. “Extremely small light sources were installed to achieve a soft illuminating glow barely noticeable to the naked eye”. Whatever you wish to conjure, whether that be drama, intrigue, atmosphere or relaxation – or all of these – it can be done with lighting. In Project Morisca, interiors are effused with flattering, subtle radiance – a joy to live in. This, paired with the smooth MicroQuarz from Barcelona supplier Ecoresinas used on the floors, gave the designers the opportunity to play with shadow and form. In this case, luxury strikes the perfect balance between serious style and spirited effervescence.

Text by Anna Mason | Photos provided by Neo Form

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Neo Form Mallorca

C/ Eusebi Estada 31, Palma