Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring / Summer Collection 2012

Pastel colours, lace fabrics and delicate doll-like collars


The influence of Marc Jacob’s spring /summer collection 2012 for Louis Vuitton is every where to be seen – take a walk up the high street and you can see some great takes on the designers’ new collection. Pastel shades of lime green, candy floss pinks, subtle yellows, pale blues and ice-cream whites are certainly the flavour of the summers.

Lace is the fabric of choice mixed with sheer silks and satins. There is the hint of silver flickering through light tweed fabrics for coats and jackets. The shoes are also full of colours and Jacob seems to have been inspired by lollipops and lickerish – my favourite are the lime green mules with cream stripes and silver toes – truly divine!

The look is girlie, young, innocent and sugar sweet with a late fifties influence – with puffed, full skirts above the knee, feather detail and transparent delicate fabric covering the heaver material below. It’s all about the lace collars this season, big rounded collars and cuffs and flat round buttons.

Indulge in the new trend of pastel coloured, lace fabrics and delicate doll-like collars for the summer season and have fun dressing-up!

To buy online visit www.louisvuitton.com