Louis Vuitton Mini Cross Body Video

Because small is the new big

Louis Vuitton launches Small is beautiful¡ a colorful mini video featuring the Mini Cross Body Collection. Bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta, Elin Kling and Miroslava Duma turn into actresses on this fresh short story where the mini bag is the main character.

The challenge of Louis Vuitton Mini Icons is getting rid of all superfluous stuff and just get keys, phone, wallet and lipstick before we get going. Mini is trendy and this mini icons are shocking in polished Monogram Vernis and EPI leather, with peppery and olive colours, vintage pink or vibrant fucsia boosting our final look with tons of energy.

Alma BB for Art Decó lovers, Monceau BB, replica of the 1986 original satchel and La Pochette turned into an actual bag by increasing its size. This are the objects of desire.

Small is the new big. Are you ready to minimize?