Louis Vuitton Classic Car Race 2012

A tribute to adventurers of a bygone age

From Monte Carlo to Venice – 23rd until the 28th of April, 2012

The Louis Vuitton Classic Run, Louis Vuitton’s vintage car race which has explored to world’s most suggestive road tracks over the years, will be back in Italy from 23rd to 28th April.

From Monte Carlo to Venice, the most extraordinary vintage cars will race in a 1300 km race through mountain roads with breathtaking view on the Alps, elegant city streets and lakeside roads framed by Belle Epoque buildings, passing by the famous Palladian Villas of the Brenta Riviera towards the grand finale in Venice. The Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run 2012 will bring the elegance of sophisticated travelling back to life this Spring on the roads of Northern Italy.

Forty-three cars including exceptionally elegant vintage sports cars and a Giugiaro prototype from the 5 continents, will race with fair play, faithfully retracing one of the routes which fascinated the high society of the past.

The art of travelling with elegance is a value which the Maison Louis Vuitton shares with the automobile world since its origins. Since 1897, the year the first automobile trunk was created by the Maison, Georges Vuitton – son of Louis – developed entire collections of trunks, rigid luggage and hatboxes, suitable for the new way of travelling.  The most famous of which was undoubtedly the 1905 Sacs Chauffeurs, which besides from being a practical trunk for the spare wheel inner tube, also served as a convenient hatbox which could accommodate up to five women’s hats. A womanly space on the most masculine means of transportation of the time!

Not just luggage designed for cars but also for adventurous expeditions! Louis Vuitton was also the loyal partners of the incredible expeditions of the Citroen brothers, the Croisière Noire which travelled across Africa from North to South in 1924 and the Croisière Jaune in 1931, one of the first car expeditions in central Asia which the Maison fully equipped with its trunks and travelling inventions: zinc-plated trunks, bed trunks, toolboxes, lunch and first-aid cases, just to mention a few.

In order to pay homage to these memorable adventures, Louis Vuitton has decided to organise the Classic Run  races in modern times: a tribute to the world of luxury automobiles but also to the Maison’s pioneering spirit. The past editions of the Classic Run, covered exotic and difficult itineraries: the luxuriant Malaysian jungle and the rubber plantations of the 1993 Vintage Equator Run, the vineyards and historic towns of Tuscany in the 1995 and 1997 Italia Classica, the rice fields and mountains from Dalian to Beijing in the memorable 1998 China Run and the old Bohemian oak forests in the Boheme Run from Budapest to Prague via Vienna in 2006. This year, the Louis Vuitton Classic Run  awaits for you in Italy for a unique rally through a region of the world which has always attracted travellers thanks to the sweetness of its lifestyle and its extreme tranquillity.