Land Rover Unveiling Event

portada4 - Land Rover Unveiling Event

Land Rover held a fantastic event at Quality Centre, Polígono Industrial Son Valentí on the 14th of June. At the event guests were treated to drinks and sushi whilst they admired Land Rover´s current collection.

The event was to showcase the new Range Rover Sport and also a chance for Quality Centre to demonstrate the fantastic selection of models that they supply. The new Range Rover sport has been called the most dynamic Land Rover yet. There is not only one new Range Rover Sport, but instead a collection, each with its own unique features. Land Rover has created the new collection as one that be configured to your desires, as at the heart, it is first and foremost a driver´s car.

Quality Centre
C/ Fertilizantes nº 2
Polígono Industrial Son Valentí

Tel: 971 27 82 46 / 971 29 22 90