Jude Law for Johnnie Walker

Actor shows off his dance moves in short film

There is no doubt, Jude Law continues to be one of the sexiest men alive.

And now he delights us by showing some of his best dance moves in the new short film for Johnnie Walker, called ‘The Gentleman’s Wager”.

Co-starred by Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini, directed by Ridley’s Scott son, Jake Scott and written by Mike Byrne and Dave Douglas the six-minute film revolves around Law’s character wanting to win a rare 1928 luxury yacht by learning an elaborately choreographed dance.

The top-shelf liquor plays a pivotal role in the six-minute film but its presence doesn’t overwhelm. Its “rarer than rare” brand message comes through clearly without being too front and center.

Johnnie Walker Blue’s “The Gentleman’s Wager,” already has a sequel, we are looking forward to it!