‘Estiu – Summer’ by Joan Aguiló opens at Rialto Living

A taste of summer for Nit de'l Art 2019

As part of Palma‘s biggest art event Nit de’l Art 2019, Rialto Living opened their newest art exhibition ‘Estiu- Summer’ by Joan Aguiló.

Through his collection, Joan explores those classic summer feelings through bright colours and warm tones:

“The summers were all about melons, macaronis, knee pads, cabins, sand castles and the smell of sun cream. I was jumping in the water, eating ice cream, being together with grandmothers, buying coco-lemon-beer drinks on the beach and playing Mario Bros video games.”

Rialto Living were proud to present another local artist as they continue to support and collaborate with Mallorca’s thriving art scene.

Photos by Sara Savage

Address details

Rialto Living

Carrer de Sant Feliu, 3, Palma