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Jardin BalearesUnder the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun, Mallorca‘s beloved flora thrives—vivid bougainvillaea, stately fan palms, resilient oleander, and timeless olive trees bask in its light. Yet, nurturing these iconic plants in Mallorca’s distinct climate is no easy feat. The team of green-thumbed experts at Jardins Balears tends to these treasures with care, blending expertise with love.

Their profound understanding of each plant’s essence allows them to nurture Mallorca’s landscapes to their fullest potential. With years of experience, they craft homeowners’ garden dreams into reality, rooted in sustainability and eco-consciousness.

In a world increasingly mindful of environmental preservation, Jardins Balears stands as a beacon. Through careful practices and ongoing training, they ensure every garden flourishes in harmony with nature’s rhythms. They carefully select practices that uphold the delicate balance of the native ecosystems. From regular cleaning to chemical balancing and equipment inspection, every aspect is handled to uphold both safety and eco-consciousness.

With Jardins Balears by your side, your garden isn’t simply a patch of green. It’s a living masterpiece, a testament to the enduring beauty of Mallorca’s landscapes.

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How Jardins Balears can help you

Professional Garden Maintenance

Jardins Balears’ qualified personnel leverage their expertise in Mallorca’s plant life to optimise the health of your garden. Utilising state-of-the-art machinery with zero emissions and minimal noise, their team follows eco-friendly practices. Polite and uniformed, the company’s staff treats plants as living beings— meaning that each plant species receives tailored care, overseen by trusted gardening experts.

Pool Maintenance

Jardins Balears’ qualified technicians specialise in pool maintenance, offering comprehensive services beyond simple pool cleaning. They offer technical upkeep for any pool machinery, preventing breakdowns and ensuring clients’ uninterrupted pool enjoyment. The team minimises chemical usage as a principle, prioritising a healthy swimming experience within the limitations of existing equipment.

Automatic Irrigation and Water System Installations

Their specialist irrigation technicians design customised plans, incorporating innovative smart programmers and rainfall sensors for optimal water management. Recognising the pivotal role of effective irrigation in garden health, they prioritise efficient water usage to prevent diseases and conserve scarce resources.

Landscaping Services

For clients seeking lawn installation, plantings, pruning, or garden transformations, Jardins Balears offers expert landscape services. Under the guidance of their experienced technicians, every aspect of the project is carefully managed to meet the client’s vision and expectations— whether you seek consultants, designers, gardeners or landscapers.

Technical Consulting

Clients outside Mallorca benefit from Jardins Balears’ technical consulting service, extending to areas such as Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, and even the mainland. With four visits annually, their expert technicians provide comprehensive assessments and personalised reports, empowering clients with tailored garden management insights and solutions delivered conveniently via email.

Pest Treatment

Jardins Balears delivers technical services to combat pest and disease issues in palm trees, lawns, and trees. Their approach includes thorough diagnosis and treatment, ensuring effective solutions that keeps pests gone. Detailed reports are provided to keep clients informed about the actions taken and their rationale, promoting transparency and confidence.

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Qualifications and awards

With years of hands-on experience tending to Mallorca’s flora, Jardins Balears boasts a deep understanding of local plant life and sustainable practices. Their extensive clientele attests to their expertise and commitment to excellence.

What Jardins Balears' clients say...

  • “Very professional company with spectacular advice. Thank you very much for your work. – Juan Crespi, client
  • “Repair and maintenance of irrigation systems, grass sowing, fertilisation, lawn installation. Quality, responsiveness, professionalism, punctuality, value.” – Joan Lunar, client

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Jardins Balears offer services?
Jardins Balears services homes and outdoor spaces all over Mallorca. Technical consulting is offered to clients in other Balearic Islands, such as Ibiza and Formentera.

Does Jardins Balears have a physical office location?
Yes! Their office is conveniently located in Palma, at Avenida Gaspar de Bennazar 67. Visits by appointment only. Clients are also able to communicate via email through info@jardinsbalears.com.

Why is efficient water usage important in gardening irrigation, particularly in the Mediterranean region?
Water is scarce in the Mediterranean region despite being a renewable resource. Efficient water usage is crucial to avoid excessive consumption, especially in gardening irrigation, where it’s essential to use water in the most efficient way possible. Installing an automatic irrigation system can lead to significant water and monetary savings. For instance, localised irrigation or drip irrigation systems can save up to 40% of water consumption, while sprinkler or diffusion irrigation systems can save up to 30%.

How does automatic irrigation help in controlling weeds?
Automatic irrigation systems help control weeds by avoiding watering in areas where it’s not necessary. This makes it difficult for weeds to grow, contributing to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing garden.

How does Jardins Balears ensure the creation of beautiful lawns on the island?
Before sowing a lawn, it’s essential to consider factors such as terrain, climate, and location. These factors determine the mix of seeds to use for optimal growth and health of the lawn. A well-designed automatic watering system is vital for providing the right amount of moisture needed for seed germination.
Jardins Balears will carefully study each project, selecting the precise mix of seeds tailored to the specific terrain. Their team will arrange a free visit by a senior technician to assess your options and provide expert guidance on achieving your dream Mallorcan garden.


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