New Year, New Look

Choosing a fresh hairstyle

Over the holidays I have been watching a few old movies (as there was nothing worth seeing on Sky) and one of my favourites, that I’ve seen so many times already, is The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo.

I love Rene Russo in this movie she is so sexy, stylish and all-out cool for lets say a more ‘mature lady’. Russo was 45 when she played the persistent, bounty hunter Catherine Banning who chases Crown until he finally crumbled under her spell.

Anyway Russo has inspired me to get a new hairstyle – New Year, New look!

While I’ve already cut my hair considerable shorter, a few months ago, because it was in a terribly bad condition after the summer, the dilemma is now if I should go even shorter???

My other question is, if I should go a bit further with my new look and change my colour?

L’Oreal are promoting a two-toned look for Hair Trends in 2015 where the top of the head is a lighter colour than the bottom, or is it the other way around??

Anyway when you look at really cool people – like for example the DJ who was working this summer at Nikki Beach (check out the abcMallorca video to spot her) she had a black and white hair colour combination, I envy the way these girls can look so fab and not look a bit ridiculous! I would like to try that but I not so convinced that I won’t look quite silly!

The other possibility is to go for a less radical change with a full colour of red – just like Russo – what do you think?? Would it suit me? Maybe too dark?? Or I leave the top blond and just go with the red on the bottom layers??

If you have any ideas or recommendations please let me know….. And if you are inspired to also try a new look – let me know what style you are think of…..

Lets get a new, super stylish look for 2014!