Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2013

Showcasing 'Women I am' by Anja Gockel

I am off to the Berlin Fashion Week next Tuesday to attend the catwalk show of one of the most exciting German female designers, who is our long-term friend, the very talented Anja Gockel.

Her winter 2013 collection is titled: Woman I am – glimmering with women’s power and sensuality.

The tattooed model Lexy Hell will be one of the character – models on the Gockel – Catwalk Show: Wed Jan 16th 2013 at 10 a.m. at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.

Woman I am – the collection’s name refers to the self-confidant awakening of womanliness – becoming self-confident as a woman.

The collection emphasises a woman’s sensuality, her poetry, her power, the magic and charisma of her aura. Woman I am – Women we are.

An expression of this sensation is the multifaceted colour palette. Brilliant, intense jewel tones such as ruby red, emerald green and saphire blue are combined with dark and rich pendants. Our new print creations are inspired by the enigmatic northern lights, luminous sunsets and the moon’s reflections in the water – to the blossom of a mysterious world.

Lexy Hell will walk the runway for Anja Gockel at the Brandenburg gate. The tattooed model was seen at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Paris for Jean Paul Gaultier. She was sixteen when she got her first tattoo and now, nine years later, her whole body is a unique work of art. When prejudices are made about her appearance she shows a distinctive self-confidence and strength of character in these type of situations which Gockel admires in a women.

I am lucky enough to already have a divine dress hanging in my wardrobe from Anja Gockel’s new collection which I will wear with great pride to watch her catwalk show.

Anja Gockel is certainly a women worthy of much admiration for her vast achievements in the very competitive fashion industry.  The designer herself is a great inspiration of the sentiment of Women I am.


PS Next week I will have lots more info direct from Berlin Fashion Week.