Fabiola Gastronomic Garden restaurant

Offering a fun and flavourful dining experience made for sharing

Fabiola Gastronomic Garden is the fusion of social gastronomy and quality entertainment. Mediterranean cuisine is made for sharing in an evocative setting right in the heart of the city of Palma. An urban haven, with a relaxed atmosphere, and décor inspired by a wild garden, in which to socialise and share enjoyable moments, accompanied by original music. Sophisticated soul and jazz sounds with a Latin touch, an innovative menu designed for sharing from the middle of the table and a relaxing cocktail bar where you can enjoy “half-cocktails”.

Fabiola Gastronomic Garden, located on Calle Sant Jaume de Palma, is a project from the IT Mallorca Group, with all its years of experience in the hotel and catering industry. With chef Juan Melis at the helm, the project is blessed with the passion and dedication he feels for his profession. An exciting venture, where diners can share and enjoy dishes prepared with top quality ingredients. “Freshly made” lobster salad, their “own bravas” with sobrasada mayonnaise and black garlic alioli, spicy crab, crispy baby squid with “brutesca” sauce, fish & chips with tartar sauce, or rested ribeye steak cooked on a skewer, with béarnaise sauce and crispy potatoes. These are just some of the dishes to be found on their menu, together with original desserts presented in a fun way, such as “The origin of sponge cake”.

Their range of cocktails is inspired by the classics offering an original option for guests wishing to enjoy half-measure cocktails. A relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere with a stylish, subtle décor is inspired by a wild garden, with natural, fine-quality elements such as marble.

They are passionate about their menu, because they know that “the best things in life taste best when shared.”

Address details

Fabiola Gastronomic Garden

C/ Sant Jaume, 22, Palma de Mallorca

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