Fall in Love with Spoon Full 0’Moon

Meet Jada and Baran, the owners of this unique retreat B&B in Costitx

Spoon Full O’Moon B&B Costitx
Baran & Jada

We all move to Mallorca for different reasons. We may want to leave behind a culture, start afresh, or like Jada and Baran create something truly unique. Nestled in the quiet village of Costitx is their B&B, Spoon Full O’Moon, which doubles as a wellness space aimed at re-centering and healing. Since opening last year, the couple have been overwhelmed with the amount of people that have stayed with them and used the space to run workshops and retreats. And on arrival, it is not difficult to see why. While soft jazz plays in the background and the wood-burner stirs, the couple welcome us into their home. We’re handed a cup of steaming mint tea and given a moment to pause. A cosy synergy of log cabin meets country farmhouse and humble cottage pervades, a blend – we can only assume – to arise out of Jada’s rural Canadian heritage, Baran’s Turkish roots and a good dose of world travel.

Initially attracted by Baran’s quirky socks and bold offerings in the lecture hall, Jada recalls seeing her now husband as “the most handsome person I’d ever seen in my life.” They both met studying psychology at university which formed the basis of their interest in self-improvement and wellbeing. “We’ve always been questioners. We always want to know why and how.” It was this combined attitude that led them on a path to understanding what makes people – individually and collectively – happy. A few trips around the world later, with open hearts and wise thoughts, the couple landed on Mallorca. “We never felt the pull like we did here. We honestly thought we would always be nomadic and never really settle, but on Mallorca we knew we could create something rooted, where something could grow.”

It didn’t take long before Baran fell in love with what is now Spoon Full O’Moon. “I could tell it was the right place because I felt so nervous,” he says, throwing a smile at Jada who agrees. “He literally couldn’t speak when he got out of the car. As soon as we arrived we both knew this was the place.” The couple always had the dream of opening a healing space which their Mallorquin Stone House, two suites, large decking area, garden and mini-forest provide. However, as Jada presses, the idea was never to define themselves as one thing. “Our vision in a way was not having a vision. We provide a space for people to do what they want – and that might be conscious-cooking workshops, sewing with recycled fabrics or healing drum circles. It all happens!”

Spoon Full O’Moon B&B CostitxThe old oak trees, light birdsong and occasional snuffle of sheep that surround the B&B are characteristic of Costitx, which Jada says they have deeply fallen in love with. “We have felt so welcomed here. All our neighbours are angels.” She points over the stone wall, reeling off neighbours who bring them sacks of lemons and invite them over for paella. Having taught at the local school for a year, Jada admits that it helped them feel closer to the people of Costitx. “This village is like from a movie. The mail lady phones us to tell us we have mail, ‘Hola, ¿qué tal? You have mail today.’ Who calls to tell you have mail? Everyone is adorable and so helpful.”

Lastly, we’re shown to their vegetable patch where Baran picks a huge broccoli, owed in part to the advice from David at Biogranja La Real. The dishes prepared by the couple are all vegan, sourced from their garden and the village market, and kept as local as possible. “We respect whole-heartedly what’s here already. Once people realise that you respect the land, they respect you. It’s such a massive part of healing and growing.”

Photos by Sara Savage

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Spoon Full O’Moon B&B Costitx

Spoon Full O’ Moon

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