Diane von Furstenberg Spring / Summer Collection 2013

High-end fashion with hi-tech accessories


The Diane von Furstenberg Spring / Summer Collection 2013 was one of the highlights at the New York Fashionweek combining mod looks with a deliciously modern twist. The futuristic glasses worn by some of the models were a real showstopper created in collaboration with Google. The glasses consist of a small camera which allows the wearer to film and photograph their viewpoint connected to a smart phone, enabling personal impressions of the new collection to be immortalised. Throughout the creation process of this collection theses glasses were worn by the Furstenberg team capturing the creative process behind the scenes for a documertary titled “DVF through Glass”. An upcoming new trend for Fashionweek Photographers perhaps?

Apart from high tech the collection consists of bold black and white abstract patterns.  Complementary neon colours are combined with assymetrical cuts and loose cut, scoop neck, satin blouses. As with so many designers the peplum has made a comback in combination with harem pants and silver metalic belts, creating an hourglass shape. Beatiful coral once again promises to be the colour of next summer combined with cool shades of turqoise.