Bien Estar Architecture creates homes for well-being

Designing homes for their client's well-being and happiness

Simple is intentional, simple means focusing on the important,” says Victoria Mogildea, co-owner of Bien Estar Architecture. What is most important? For her multidisciplinary team, it’s designing a home which brings well-being to those who live in it, and to the environment in which it exists. Their priorities are sustainability and thoughtful integration with the outside world. The boutique agency offers highly competent and complete service. From studying a terrain to building completion, they promise great communication and transparency every step of the way.

Ethical and energy-efficient

Bien Estar Architecture is the perfect fit for buyers and developers concerned about energy efficiency and being a positive part of the island. They use local materials and care about the impact each project makes. “Well-being architecture is not just a facade, but a reflection of how we choose to live, creating spaces that nourish, heal and give,” believe co-owners Victoria, and Raphael Aguirre. In addition to being certified by Passivhaus, they are constantly seeking out the newest technologies to improve their client´s experience.

Their latest projects include some stunning villas in Llucmajor. These properties unite traditional Mallorcan architecture with the clean lines of contemporary cutting-edge design. Peaceful terraces communicate with the natural environment and clever windows maximize on light and ventilation. Each home is as unique as every client they take the time to connect with. Since they speak English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Russian and German, listening is one of their strong points. When working with developers, Bien Estar offers an all-round architectural service, from economic studies and marketing material to the completion of the buildings. Their new main office is on Palma’s Paseo Marítimo, but they work across the island. Registered in three countries, they are fluent in international regulations and are able to work well beyond the borders of the Balearics.

Text by Emily Benet| Photos by Sara Savage

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Bien Estar Architecture

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