Almond Blossom Presentation

Accessories inspired by Mallorca

It was a day we have been waiting for….. the first presentation of the NEW Almond Blossom Collection by Helen Cummins.  A select group of friends, press and business colleagues gathered in Tristan’s Bistro to see the collection in its full glory!

Passers-by watched and wondered what was going on. Some came to look and asked where could one buy such gleaming adornments and we explained that this was the launch and that the collection was now available in various high-class boutiques, hotels and online at

The collection consists of a perfume created on the island, Mallorcan pearls, leather and python handbags, iPad and iPhone cases as well as a gleaming variety of silver, gold and rose gold plated rings, ear-rings and brooches.

Inspired by the Almond Blossom of Mallorca these are fashionable accessories which will remind you daily of the beauty of this special place in the Mediterranean.

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