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Victory for Victor

Victor, the marketplace for private jet charters and pay per seat bookings, has today reached the milestone of 1,000 members. Less than a year since launch, 1,000 individuals have signed up to be part of the online community that is bringing travel by private jet to a brand new audience.  Victor membership is free and provides access to over 940 airports across Europe. Prices for individual seats are competitive with business class fares on commercial airlines.

Launched by entrepreneur, Clive Jackson who saw an opportunity to fill the void between low cost airlines, dominating most European routes, and jet charters by selling spare capacity – his research revealed that on average 45% of jets flying in Europe are empty. Jackson has created the only online marketplace that allows those who charter jets to sell empty legs or seats to other members.

“We are delighted to have broken through the 1,000 member threshold. We are proving that those who fly by private jet are willing to share and are no longer willing to pay over the odds.  In addition, we have created a market for those who have worked too hard and too long to put up with the hassle of crowded airports and lengthy delays.” comments Clive Jackson, CEO & Founder, Victor.

People who normally charter private jets are converting to Victor as they receive the best market price and a transparent service. The competitive seat prices are aimed at people who normally travel business class or wish to upgrade for a special occasion. To date, they have booked over 170 flights of which more than a third had seats available for sale.

Today’s success and recent fundraising activities mean Victor now has expansion plans into Asia and United States firmly on their radar.

Becoming a Member

To become a FlyVictor member and for further information, please call Victor on +44 (0)20 7384 8550 or visit