Painting paradise: Adrian Elgie at Rialto Living

'Brighter and bolder'

“Beautifully diverse” is how artist Adrian Elgie describes Mallorca, evidenced in his latest exhibition held at Rialto Living. A year on from his first solo stint at the luxury lifestyle store, Adrian was back with a further collection of stunning island images.
The event drew many newcomers and admirers of the contemporary landscape artist, whose work aims to capture the perpetual changes and transitions in nature.

Addressing his guests, Adrian said: “One year on and my love grows; for the island, my painting and my art college sweetheart. It has been a busy year, since my first Rialto Living solo exhibition, which brought my work to the consciousness of its clients and the wider inhabitants of the island.

“I have produced larger, brighter and bolder work, that I hope you will enjoy viewing, as much as I’ve enjoyed painting them.”

Address details

Rialto Living

Calle San Feliu, 3, Palma