Society Scene

Señor Esteban Mercer, is the born communicator with access to the most glamorous and exclusive events and personalities in Mallorca. His charming characteristics have helped make him appear the James Bond of this wonderful island. His focus on internal elegance and passion for people make him the perfect gentleman to guide us around the luxury events in Mallorca.

One of Mercer’s most recent events was the celebration of José María Janer’s birthday that took place at Las Esencias de Ses Rotes. Inside the venue guests were welcomed by an explosion of colour from the beautifully unique and delicate flower exhibitions. Those invited made up a group of intimate friends who were lucky enough to have the privilege of attending such a prestigious event.

Guests were then invited to taste the exquisite food served by Tomeu Torrens de Can Amer which continued throughout the afternoon. The close group of friends danced  all afternoon wishing Janer a very happy birthday as they celebrated his special day with him in great splendor.

Other events this spring included, the birthday of Pepe Oliver which took place at the restaurant La Cuchara, the party of Escada del Borne, and a presentation of the Village de la 32 Copa del Rey. Mercer tells us that  the fact that this year has already started with a bang in terms of the islands parties, that we have only just scratched the surface and these have simply been a declaration of the fantastic summer that is yet to come.