My Perfect Day in Portals

 In Fashion

Puerto Portals is the place to see . . . and be seen. Join me, my family and friends for a stylish trip to the most glamorous hotspot on the island.


An abcMallorca production
Photographer: Thomas Barr,

Art Direction & Coordinator: Susie Kennett, Tel: +34 677 714 508

Stylist: Darrin De, Tel: +34 661 187 359

Hair and make-up: Susie Kennett

Models: Patricia Rowman from Palm Studios, Tel: +34 971 714 726

Carlota, Pedro and Marco from Hexel models, Tel: +34 971 222 900.

We would like to say a special thank-you to Claudio Marini & Judith Burgert, Grupo Tristan

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