Fulvio Bonavia’s eatable fashion shoot

La Grande Epicerie exhibits the tasty photographs

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The luxury supermarket of Paris, La Grande Epicerie, decided to host an exhibition featuring Fulvio Bonavia’s photos originally launched in his book ‘A matter of taste’ in 2009. In his work, Fulvio presents fashion accesories made out of food, combining two of our favourite concepts: fashion and gourmet food.

A handbag made out of raspberries, belts made out of spaghetti or sardines and a watermelon-helmet are part of the photos that will be showing at La Grande Epicerie until May, 18th 2015.

Fulvio Bonavia is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer known for his uniquely inventive imagery that is based in Milan. And, as you can see in these photos, he brings his artistic and design sensibilities to each and every one of his pictures.

Fotos: www.luxuo.com

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