Best Brands 2012

The annual report from Interbrand has determined the best global brands in 2012, 15% of which originated from the luxury sector. The brands that were selected fulfilled the criteria of optimum financial performance and their brands were also an important deciding factor during the customer’s purchase.

In the first ranking, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel were the five most valuable luxury brands in the world, with Rolex coming in shortly after. Tiffany & Co and Moet et Chandon were also two of six luxury brands that have ranked consistently since the launch of the Interbrand report. The one thing all these luxury brands have in common is that they recognise and cherish their brand name as their key asset.

Those who have been successful all engage in technological innovation and social media marketing and are up to date when it comes to the internet and the demands of modern customers.