Eloísa Kassai

I have Hungarian and Chilean blood, but I grew up in Augsburg, Germany. I spent my high-school and university years in Santiago de Chile, becoming a journalist because of my deep passion for writing. I love fashion, traveling, reading and I am definitely a food lover! Mallorca and it's amazing landscapes and people has totally won me over.

juanjo1 620x330 c - Juanjo Oliva: one of Spain's top designers

Juanjo Oliva: one of Spain’s top designers

The Spanish designer with the simple impeccable style has a lot to celebrate: the brand Juanjo Oliva has been ten years on the runway and just had its 20th catwalk show. Eloísa Kassai meets the fashion icon at the Prêt-à-Portals Fashion Weekend.

Screen Shot 2014 01 16 at 2.25.18 PM1 - How to wear Classic Pearls

How to wear Classic Pearls

Creating new ways to wear pearls is fun – try clasping a flower brooch on a necklace or wearing a string of pearls on a handbag – there are so many possibilities.

Mallorcan pearls - Why are Majorcan Pearls special?

Why are Majorcan Pearls special?

Find out why Majorcan pearls are considered to be the best world-wide. Simple, elegant, versatile, classic and modern – Almond Blossom pearls are forever!

bag2 - More than just a Handbag

More than just a Handbag

The Envelope by Helen Cummins is more then just a handbag. It is a handbag, a necklace and a brooch in ONE. Find out more about how to wear the Envelope Handbag here.