Almond Blossom in Kidama

Puerto Portals boutique stocks Mallorca inspired collection

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The Almond Blossom collection by Helen Cummins has been given its first physical home outside of, in the exclusive Kidama boutique in Puerto Portals.

The collection, inspired by the almond blossom of Mallorca sits perfectly amongst the other luxury brands such as Oscar de La Renta, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino and Sonia Rikiel to name but a few.
In the beautiful Kidama Boutique you are given the chance to browse a wonderful selection of the collection and decide which of the hand made, unique pieces is the one for you.

The Almond Blossom collection represents the beautiful Mediterranean lifestyle we live. The collection is based around an individual uniqueness where each part can be interchanged with another. The strings of Mallorcan pearls can not only be used as a necklace, but also as a strap for a bag. Likewise the lovely collection of brooches can also be placed on a bag for added glamour or used to bring together the Mallorcan Pearls. Each hand crafted product is directly influenced by the warm sense of Mallorca, and is created exclusively for you to have a constant reminder of life on the island.

Make sure you visit the idyllic Puerto Portals and the Kidama boutique to discover for yourself the luxurious beauty the Almond Blossom Collection has to offer.

Puerto Portals
Local 186

Tel. 971 679 315

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