Almond Blossom Collection inspired by the beauty of Mallorca

In late January, early February the Mediterranean island is awash with white and soft pink flowers as thousands of almond trees blossom. It is a wonderful time to make excursions through the countryside. There is a great sense of abundance. And given that the almond blossom lasts a mere two to three weeks it is truly a privilege for those of us who can enjoy the experience.

The delicate almond blossom flower was my inspiration to design a collection of costume jewellery which now comprises of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelet. All the jewellery is handmade in Spain using the world-famous Mallorcan pearls and high quality Sarovoski crystals.

The romantic collection appeals to those who hold Mallorca close to their heart.  Each time I look to my hand wearing the almond blossom ring it brings a smile to my face and a warm glow to my heart as well as being a source of much admiration by all those who see me wearing the almond blossom ring – it is a real attention grabber!

So if you also want to be reminded of the beauty of Mallorca and the almond blossom in particular then click here to find your special piece from my collection.


Helen xx